Cha Cha Chow
Get Your Cha Cha On!

Yes, It's a Festival of Food and Flavors!!

Everyone has been to one. A food festival. It's a sensory smorgasbord. It's sights sounds smells and tastes that ignite the imagination and fuel the spirit. We've taken that little slice of life and turned it on its head. It's Cha Cha Chow. We've harnessed the spirit of the festival and made it our own. We've mobilized it. And had fun with it. We've given it a nod, and created an entirely new dining experience for St. Louis. Festival Dining is taking everything you know about kitchen's chef's recipes, meals and restaurants and putting it authentically right in front of your eyes. It's using green and natural techniques and ingredients. It's luscious meats and vegetables freshly prepared from scratch and efficiently served at a reasonable price.

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